Palsome Project


Project Summary

Palsome is a website that allows users, who sign-up for free profiles, to connect with friends, work colleagues or people they don't know, online. It allows users to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, as well as their own thoughts and opinions with however many people they like.

Users send “friend requests” to people who they may – or may not – know.

Once accepted, the two profiles are connected with both users able to see whatever the other person posts. User can post almost anything to their “timeline”, a snapshot of what is happening in their social circle at any given time, and can also enter private chat with other friends who are online.

People with profiles list information about themselves. Whether it be what they work at, where they are studying, ages, or other personal details, many users post lots of information which is easily accessible to their friends and others. On top of this, users can “like” other pages which interest them. For example, a Liverpool FC supporter can follow the club by linking up with its palsome page. There, the user can post comments and receive club updates, pictures etc.


Key Features:

• Users can create or deactivate account.
• Users can make friends, like/follow/join pages, groups, rooms, events.
• Can create pages, groups, events, rooms, reminders.
• Users can post of different types (General, Religious, Political, Social
   Educational). Also comment, reply, react.
• Create either Media (Images/videos) or Text Story.
• User can block a user.
• Users can use different hashtags in their posts on trending.
• Brands can create ads from their pages.
• Users can wish birthdays to their friends.
• Users can watch videos from pages in the dedicated videos section.
• Can save important documents in the wallet section.
• There is a contact us section from where users can contact to palsome.

Key Functionalities:


• Users can create post, page, group, room, stories set reminder
• Create post component contains following features:

• Add text and emojis
• Set post privacy (Public, Friends, Only me)
• Set post category (General, Religious, Political, Social and Educational)
• Upload Photo/Videos
• Tag people
• Add Feeling/Activities
• Add Check In
• Set color post
• Can create the same post on Page or Room with just a selection



• All the information such as friends (if enabled), personal detail, last photos,
   last videos and posts of user can be find in timeline.
• User can post from their timeline and following are the features that are

• Add text and emojis
• Set post privacy
• Set post category (General, Religious, Political, Social and Educational)
• Upload Photo/Videos
• Tag people
• Add Feeling/Activities
• Add Check In
• Set color post
• Users can post on their friends timeline if their friends allow them.
• User can upload photos or videos or albums


• Can become friends with anyone who allows
• User can enable or disable receiving of friend requests
• User can set which type of post can be shown to which friend and vice versa.
   This can be while sending, receiving friend request and later as well.
• Can find friends, see suggestions and make friends
• Search friends

Friends birthday

• All of the friend birthdays will be shown
• There is a separate section for upcoming and birthdays that are on current
• Can send wishes to friends on their birthdays



• Users can chat with his/her friend on Palsome
• Users can send text, audio messages and media (Images/Videos)
• Can do audio or video calls


• Create either Media (Images/videos) or Text Story.
• The story will lasts for 24 hours.
• Users can see the list of viewers of his/her story.
• There is a pause/play, mute/unmute options.
• Users can delete his/her stories.

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• Page can be created by individuals for their businesses, brands, organizations
• Select page category to define your page
• An ability to explore and like pages that have been created by other users.
• Can send or receive invitations to like and follow the page
• Will get updates from the liked pages
• React, comment or share the page posts
• They are visible to all
• Search any page


• Users can interact with each other by having similar interests
• Anyone can create a group, explore groups, send invites, and accept invites
• Group can be public or private. Private groups will always be private.
• Will get updates from the liked groups
• React, comment or share the group posts
• Search any group
• Public groups are visible to all



• Can be created by anyone who wants to organize any get together
• Anyone can create an event, explore event, shows interest for event and
   accept invites
• Event can be public or private
• Event can last for a day or until specified amount of time.
• Select the event category to define your event



• Rooms are similar to groups but they are not visible to all
• They are visible to members only
• React or comment on room posts
• Room admin have the following rights:

• Set an option so he/she can only post in the room
• Make anyone silent observer
• Turn off media posts for the room.



• Can save any personal data/document e.g. Driving license, National ID Card,
• Can add multiple files in a document
• There is separate login for wallet
• Need to set a separate password for the wallet
• There is a session timeout limit of 10 mins



• Can get the relevant notifications from all parts of the application
• Can access it from the header and there is a separate section for that as well
• Unread notifications will be different from the read ones visually


• Users can add multiple reminders.
• In which he/she can add title, time, date, location, description.
• Also can add friends in reminders so they will get a notification about it.


Settings (General, Privacy, Security, Blocking, languages, deactivate)

• Contain the following things:

• General
• Security and Login such as change password, change wallet password, etc.
• Privacy such as profile and cover picture private, enable receiving friend
   requests and hide friend list
• Block or unblock any user
• Video autoplay enable or disable
• Logged in devices detail and an option to logout devices