Software Development

Transforming Each Industry and Business Process

Development approach at One River Consulting is easy and effective.
Our Skilled team at ORC breaks down the development process into the following steps:



This stage will help our team to know ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ to develop. One River Consulting’s mission is to understand the interests of the clients and set priorities upfront to produce exactly what they want.


Scope Definition

Our experts analyze the narratives and data to understand the project scope and scale. The goal is to build your software right.



At this stage, we decide how to create your software’s visual representation. The simple UI is always the key to success.



In this phase, the team of One River Consulting will start building the software according to your design and functions needs.



After successfully completing the project, synchronizing the server & client side. We send over the whole fully functioning software.



After the completion & deployment of the project, One River Consulting offers assistance for the software. We give technical support to help you with updates and other things.


Frontend Development

We often call it the “client-side” development. Front-end development includes programming language browsers, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JavaScript systems.


Backend Development

We commonly call it ‘server-side’ development. Backend development includes several backend languages, such as Ruby, Python, and Java. We have full-stack developers who not only deal with servers, programs and databases but deliver a product with functions smoothly.


API Integration

Integration of API connects two or more applications or systems that allow data to be shared by those systems. We have a team of full-stack web app developers who can perform integrations for payment systems, social networks, geo development services, business tools, and email marketing.


Database Configuration

Database Configuration enables the proper functioning of servers, computers, and smart cards. Our full-stack developers have years of experience in XML/JSON, at Space-O. They are skilled enough to distinguish between non-relational and relational databases.


Business Logics

Business logic is the heart of an application, in terms of capital and research. It is the part of the application that encodes real-world business laws. It also decides how to make, process, and modify data. Therefore, we have a full-stack web development team that always focuses on the development of business logic and data layers.


DevOps Knowledge

DevOps knowledge is a crucial stage in which code is taken from a cloud-based repository such as GitHub and placed into web development. It includes upgraded operating systems or handling the dynamic dependency set as the codebase expands.